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Hydrocodone: Risks of Addiction and Abuse

Hydrocodone is a controlled substance, categorized as Schedule II. The range of services and programs available at rehab centers ensures that there are many opportunities for a person to effectively recover from hydrocodone abuse. Some rehabs are not equipped to offer medical detox onsite, but a rehab that offers a full continuum of care will be able to do so. To understand the full range of treatments available after hydrocodone detox, it is necessary to look at what goes on during primary care for addiction at a rehab center. The physical and psychological distress that comes along with the withdrawal process often leads to relapse.

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As partial opioid agonists, these medicals essential make the body think it is still getting the opiates it has become accustomed to, preventing withdrawal from kicking in. Oftentimes, individuals received lowered doses of these medications over time until they are drug-free. The limit was placed at 325 mg, but individuals taking these painkillers should also be wary of acetaminophen in over-the-counter cold and flu medications, to prevent overdose. Someday you may face a sudden, short-term health problem such as surgery or an injury. If an opioid is prescribed, let your healthcare team know if you had any trouble tapering off opioids in the past.

Potential for Interaction

It is the strongest warning the Food and Drug Administration assigned to bring attention to the significant risks of the drug. When used in combination products, it relieves cough by decreasing brain activity in the specific part that causes coughing. Opioids, also known as narcotics, are a type of drug made from the opium plant, and others are synthetic (artificial). This article will provide an in-depth review of hydrocodone, emphasizing safe dosing procedures.

Rehabs have daily schedules, which everyone follows, but they do still have personalized plans and care. The new lawsuit claims that Kroger failed to implement any effective monitoring program to stop suspicious opioid orders. As a distributor and dispenser, Kroger had access to real-time data revealing unusual prescribing patterns, Coleman’s office said. Despite such “red flags,” Kroger did not report a single suspicious prescription in Kentucky between 2007 and 2014, the AG’s office said.

Managing Pain without Vicodin or Opiates

Vicodin is a prescription opioid pain reliever that is made of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It is often used to treat moderate to severe pain, but it does have the potential for dependence and vicodin addiction addiction. Vicodin withdrawal can produce a wide range of physical symptoms which can occur when someone stops or dramatically reduces their use of the drug after heavy or prolonged use.

  • It is important to understand that hydrocodone, as well as other opioids, can present particularly significant health risks during the withdrawal process.
  • Whether a person is going from doctor to doctor to get hydrocodone pills (and avoiding detection) or buying them on the street, there will be costs involved.
  • An interaction between two medications does not always mean that you must stop taking one of the medications; however, sometimes it does.

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